May 26, 2009

la bella vita

So, I thought I would pick another cliche blog post title because I am in ROME! La Bella Vita! It is still pretty surreal. Everyday, I casually walk back to my apartment as if I live here. I mean, I do, but it is crazy considering the wonder of Rome. I am speaking Italian to locals when I buy food or a bus pass. Oh yeah, I also speak Italian with my host family. They barely know english. This is incredible! 

I wish I was able to study abroad for an entire semester. I can't because of my double major and my jobs. However, when I consider the exchange rate I think otherwise. The euro is no fun. I am pretty sure that is the only downside of being here, well, other than the heat. But when held in perspective a little sweat is totally acceptable considering the experience. Also, a little sweat makes you look sultry. Ciao bella! 

Tomorrow is the UEFA Champions League Final. Because of Rome's history of chaos during sports games, mainly soccer, public measures have been taken to prevent such drama. For example, authorities in Rome have ordered restrictions on alcohol during the final in order to "help curb trouble." I have been drinking red wine every day, but I can surely cope. I think only fanatic fans may have a problem. I am not one of the those fanatic fans, but I did want to go to the game until I saw the ticket prices... I think I will be fine watching the game on large screens at the coliseum tomorrow.  AHHHHH so excited!!! 

Even though I am in Rome, I can't resist searching my favorite political and tech websites. I am not visiting them as often, but definitely once a day or every other day. So, I checked Gizmodo yesterday and found a post about the June 1st New Yorker cover. Sounds average, especially after the Obama drama last year, but this cover was drawn entirely on an iPhone! So impressive!! First, to have fingers that... small? and second to have art featured on the cover of the New Yorker!

I left my iPhone at home but even with that huge absence in my life, I am staying in contact with people through the lovely internet. My friend Mark, partner in crime and business, sent me this useful TED conference video about standing out. It is valuable for any entrepreneur and I enjoyed watching it. I also learned a good bit, but I feel like most of the information is obvious if you consider advertising trends and successful products. However, despite the value of this video, one thing that really stuck with me is this company that makes your cremated family members into gem stones! Yeahhh, creepy. "Hey guys, guess WHO I am wearing on my finger?!"

Ok, now off to finish my homework, but here is a parting video >

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Robin said...

Glad you found the New Yorker info. I was sending it to you but got interrupted and never got back to it.